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Classic black and white street fashion shoot. Shot on the streets of Melbourne, Australia. | Model: Jay Coolahan // Hair & Grooming: Eleanna Hingston // Stylist: Rameez Baggia // Photography & Post-Production: Rebecca Tang | #blackandwhite #streetfashion #malemodel #asianmodel #malefashion #cityphotoshoot #blackandwhiteportrait #fashionportrait #streetstyle

Bec Tang | Australian Fashion & Beauty Photographer
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Apr 23, 2019 - Great capture @trav_white is really cool. Great lifestyle pose inspiration. #style #fall #fashion #lifestyle #reallycoolphotography

Mindy Cowart
#wattpad #werewolf I tugged at her arm, resulting her to stumble forward into my chest. She smelled strongly of delicious rich chocolates. "Firstly, I'm not the guy. I'm the man. And, you really want me to prove you?" my voice sounded rude in the beginning. "Your actions already did...." She swiftly twisted her arm... Male Models, Films, Portrait, Man Photography, Beautiful Men Faces, Men Photography, Male Models Poses, Men Photoshoot, Male Model Body

After getting betrayed in love, the happy bubbly soul Diya turned cold and lost trust. She started working at her father's office and tries to forget the past by spending more time on her bike. She is busy in her life unaware of a secret world, and mysterious Alpha yearning for her in the woods, living across seas. Alpha Adrian had lost hope and accepted his fate of being a lone wolf. His life is busy running his pack and business in the human world in disguise. Lord Moon had different plans…

Alina 알리나