Mackerel fillet recipes

Explore a variety of mouthwatering mackerel fillet recipes that will satisfy your seafood craving. From grilled to baked, discover easy and flavorful dishes to enjoy.
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There are hundreds of Spanish fish recipes, but the magic of Andalusian cuisine is that there is always something new to discover. One of these recipes that will blow your mind (and your palate) when you try it is the Spanish mackerel fillet. Unlike other Spanish mackerel recipes, this one is extremely easy to make, and any home cook can do it in a matter of minutes.

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Don't neglect the Mackerel, it makes for a fine meal as Irish chef Rachel Allen proves in Rachel's Irish Family Food (Harper Collins, February 19) Pan Fried Mackerel with Herb Butter My son Joshua will often fish for mackerel off the pier in late summer when the mackerel are at their best. He and his friends will bring back a few delicious fish, which he loves to cook himself. It is said the sun should...

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