Loft bed studio apartment

Maximize your space with a loft bed in your studio apartment. Explore top ideas to create a functional and stylish living area that combines sleeping and living space seamlessly.
Since most everyone sleeps, a bed is a necessary part of any habitation — but it sure does take up a lot of space. But if your ceiling height is tall enough (and you don't mind climbing a ladder to get into bed), you can reclaim all that space by lofting your bed. You can purchase a loft bed from a furniture store, like IKEA, or, if you're especially crafty, you could use one of these DIYs to make your own. Diy Loft Bed, Bedroom Loft, Small Bedroom, Tiny Bedrooms, Loft Bed Ideas For Small Rooms, Cool Loft Beds, Design Bedroom, Bedroom Sets, Tiny Spaces

Lofting your bed is one of our favorite design ideas for a small bedroom or even a studio apartment. Doing so reduces the amount of space your bed takes up, provides additional living or working space underneath the bed, and introduces lots of storage (in some cases). Lofting a bed could mean finally getting that chic home office setup you’ve been dreaming of or adding a sleeper sofa for weekend guests.

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There’s a certain childish delight in the idea of literally climbing into bed every night and settling into your own private sleep cubby. Whether you need to incorporate a lofted bed because of your home’s space constraints or you want to have one just because, you’re going to enjoy scrolling through these dreamy loft ideas.A loft doesn’t just have to hold your mattress.

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Space-saving beds are some of our all-time favorite furniture. There are so many good ideas out there and people have been really creative. Let’s look at some of the absolute best eye-candy when it comes to beds for small spaces! These bed solutions will save you a ton of space and help you get the […]

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