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I made a decision several months ago to give up the commission side of my art business. As my calendar had filled with teaching engagements and trips to far-flung places, it became more and more difficult to find time to squeeze in the labor-intensive custom artwork. But when my friend Mary approached me a few […]

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Hello Everyone, my name is Sue Higginson, and I am a calligrapher from the UK. I'm going to be talking you through the process of creating a beautiful illuminated letter from scratch using real gold. These letters are such fun to make, and the techniques of painting and gilding can…

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The Songbook of Zeghere van Male contains local and international 500 year old songs and motets. Made in 1542, the 1200-page long book is rich in illuminations, depicting ornamental and historiated initials and interlinear drawings not necessarily related to its content. Also known by its call number MS 125-128 in Cambrai’s Mediathèque Municipale, the late … Continue reading "Weird And Wonderful Illustrated Letters From A 16th Century Songbook"

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