How to make vinegar

Learn how to make vinegar at home with these simple and delicious recipes. Start fermenting your own vinegar and add a tangy twist to your cooking.
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A vinegar mother or mother of vinegar (MOV) is a gelatinous membrane called a biofilm that forms on top of a liquid being made into vinegar. It seems like a strange substance but it is completely natural and is actually a form of cellulose created by bacteria that produce acetic acid, the acid that is … How To Make A Vinegar Mother & Make Your Own Vinegar Read More »

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How to Make Herbal Vinegars: Herbs for Health - Making herbal vinegar at home is easy with your favorite healing herbs for health or edible wild plants. Herbal infused vinegar is the perfect addition to salads, cooked dishes that need a bit of acidity, or even a glass of seltzer water. Dill, basil, rosemary, tarragon, fennel, thyme, lemongrass, garlic, lavender, chives, and mustard seeds are all great (and tasty!) options combined with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.