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faithparent: Name That Emotion

From very early on children demonstrate and recognize six basic emotions: sadness, joy, disgust, anger, surprise, and fear. However, children need a much bigger range of emotions in their tool box in order safely navigate the world. Appropriate actions and reactions require appropriate emotions. Wrong emotions illicit wrong choices. Teaching emotions does not come with a lesson plan. There isn’t a top twenty list of emotions to teach your child that can be checked off one-by-one. Most…

Kim Marxhausen
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50 questions to help you find your best self. How to find your passion in life by asking yourself these 50 questions. Personal growth and self improvement

Isabel Sabillon
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In this activity children will create feelings faces to explore different feelings to build their emotional intelligence... Did you know that including social emotional learning activities when teaching can lead to better academic performance? For so long, schools focused only on teaching academics, but with more and more research, people are understanding the value in