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Explore your family history and uncover your ancestral roots. Find out more about your heritage and connect with your past through genealogy research and family tree building.
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One of the best ways of preserving your family history and to make the most of your research is to make a family tree album that can help you preserve the information for future generations. Making a family tree album can also help to bring all the family stories and pictures together so that your

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I have been doing a TON of Amazon shopping thanks to the pandemic and I thought I'd share some of the things I've found for genealogy. I feel like we all have our copy of Evidence Explained and our favorite photo scanner but there are a lot of other things offered on Ama

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After reading numerous articles with tips for writing a family history, I have cringed as these articles make the process overly complex and the end result becomes cures for insomnia. Watch this video on YouTube. STOP WRITING BORING FAMILY HISTORIES! Many genealogists dream of writing “The Book” for family history, perhaps you’re one of them. Don’t destroy your admirable goal of turning your filing cabinets of facts into a bound book for your family to appreciate their heritage by printing…

Pat Phillips
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As you progress with your research, recording family history should become an integral part of your process, and you should choose a system that is easy for you, and others, to understand. There are many ways you can organise your genealogical research, such as using a filing system or computer program and making notes using

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Can't get your loved ones excited about family history? 😥 Use the Family History Summary template to transform your genealogy research into a collectable that will grab their attention! It's been explicitly designed to capture the details of your ancestors' life, including a customisable family tree. 🎉 Not a techie? Then you'll love this product. It's easy-to-use and comes with both a detailed instruction guide and step-by-step videos. In fact, the Family History Summary for Individuals…

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