Driftwood shelf

Add a touch of nature to your home with these unique and rustic driftwood shelf ideas. Discover how to incorporate this natural element into your decor and create a stylish and functional display for your belongings.
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We invite you to cast a quick glance at the DIY driftwood decor ideas and simple glaze at the immense beauty showcased by the piece of wood, glaze at the tremendous amounts of details organically developed along a few centimeters and wonder how world`s most extraordinary architect, nature, could have realized it better.

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My favorite time to beach comb is right after a big storm. After a storm, the shore is littered with new driftwood, beautifully sculpted by the natural power of the water. So many times I've encountered an amazing piece and thought "I need to bring this home!" Over the years, I've discovered various ways to

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Been to the beach lately? My favorite beach activity is collecting driftwood. I love its weathered, rustic look that makes great DIY home decor. But, first, how do you clean and preserve driftwood? Read on for tips to get rid of the salt and junk from the ocean so it will last for years.

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