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Explore stunning dream photography ideas to capture ethereal and enchanting moments. Turn your photography dreams into reality with these inspiring ideas and techniques.
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The Saatchi Gallery is one of the most interesting venues in London for contemporary art lovers. The current exhibition is entitled Out of Focus: Photography, and it will last until the 22nd of July 2012. It is a survey of 40 artists, depicted with a massive array of techniques and different styles and methods. Interesting fact, a lot of the photographers are women. And it seems that they have a lot of absorbing stories to tell, from a particular perspective.

Sarah Waldmeier
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The idea in embarking on the "Interior/Exterior" project was a nocturnal inspiration in 1996 after seeing some black-and-white images of Abelardo Morel in a photo magazine. In the room converted into a camera obscura I could capture an image of a person and at the same time that person’s room and the view from the window – what an all-encompassing method by which to photograph a person’s living environment! The originally documentary idea soon expanded in a new direction. The pictures began…

... denis
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How much should you charge for your photography? Pricing your work is a complicated topic but there are some basic guidelines to follow. In this article you’ll find out more about what photog…

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When you point your camera at a random thing on the street, you usually don’t expect much. But in the vast sea of dull photos that fill your camera roll, one stands out. Call it a miracle, or a lovely surprise, but if you feel like the pic is superior in composition, style, lighting, and somewhat resembles a classical painting, it may be that you have just encountered “accidental renaissance.”