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How to adapt an ancient form of art, mandala, to represent animals and more... Karishma Srivastava is the artist that spends time drawing these intricate shapes. She moulds each geometric shape to show the curvatures and anatomy of the animal or figure involved. I know, the clown doesn't really fit in, but it didn't have an animal in the drawing and was too cute to leave out. Inspirational adaptation, can be applied to any discipline you can think of. You don't necessarily have to come up…

Shashi Kujur
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A Girl named Park Yuna, who has a mysterious past, who was Kind, Soft Hearted, Innocent and Emotional Girl. Her life was a mess. One day her mom told her that she is going to marry a guy who have 7 sons. What will happen when they will meet? Will they accept her as their Sister? Her life will get miserable or better? Credits to @SuM1n1 for the cover Started: 29/12/21 Finished: -/-/-/ ©jkiesfv

Shelmi Sukumaran