Country roads

Embark on a memorable journey along scenic country roads. Explore breathtaking landscapes, charming towns, and hidden gems along the way. Hit the road and experience the beauty of the countryside.
No better way to clear your mind then takin' an old back country road. ♥ Trips, Indiana, Destinations, Country Life, Country, Country Roads, Backroads, Rural, Fields

One summer evening, my husband and I got in our old truck and drove down a remote dirt road. We drove and drove and drove and didn't see a soul. I always wonder where the telephone poles go--no one seems to live out here. We explored the backroads for almost four hours and didn't see a single person. We saw abandoned farm equipment and an old truck but no people. As the sun was setting I jumped out of the truck and took this photo of the country road. I thought it was just a nice country…

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