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LightBox Expo was recently held for the first time in California, and with it, the Concept Art Awards made its debut. Among the competition’s several winners was Airi Pan, who received the award for Best Student Environment Concept Art thanks to her imaginative piece “The Griffin’s Nest.” Her colorful and stylized illustration for Neon Genesis […]

Gianmaria Pezzato
ArtStation - "Far Lands. Valley of Sisters" Cinematic scene Fantasy Art, Fantasy Artwork, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy Landscape, Fantasy Inspiration, High Fantasy, Fantasy Art Landscapes, Fantasy Setting

Experiment in reviving of my static artworks with adding a new dimention into it. Just for fun and practice. That's awesome feeling when you can be a director of your own movie and put the camera from any angle and then also be a composer and compose an original soundtrack for your film. XD Difficult but nice way for concept art. I’d ask professional 3D artists… just close your eyes, don’t watch this! Because many things I did here, I did wrong, in the most nightmarish way or something can…

Javier Latorre