Discover a variety of mouthwatering caviar recipes that will take your culinary experience to the next level. Try these delectable dishes and elevate your dining experience today.
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Holiday Entertaining Oysters and Caviar For the holiday season we’re serving a most thrilling luxury, the world’s most sublime delicacy – the roe of a mature sturgeon! It’s a connoisseur’s dream – a fresh shucked oyster topped with crème fraîche and a generous dollop of royal ossetra caviar. Elegant jewel-like eggs with that fabulous, famous burst of the sea sit … Continue reading "Holiday Entertaining: Oysters and Caviar"

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Hi, friends. I have partnered with my friends at La Marca Prosecco, and I'll be sharing a few of my entertaining tips and recipes using their Luminore. Since New Year's Eve is less than ten days away, I wanted to share a perfect pairing using Luminore by La Marca Prosecco. Luminore is ideal when you want to elevate your VIP events such as New Year's Eve gatherings, Oscar parties, engagements, and any occasion when you need a little extra razzle-dazzle.

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