Botanical sketchbook

Unleash your creativity with these botanical sketchbook ideas. Explore different techniques and styles to bring your sketches to life and capture the beauty of nature.
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Nature is a perfectionist when it comes to the arrangement of form and color. Let nature guide you and you will always find the process of drawing educational and exciting. I studied art in college at the Rhode Island School of Design and became a professional textile designer. I never studied teaching, though many art … Continued

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Botanical Sketchbook [Scott, Mary Ann, Stevens, Margaret, Vowles, Diana] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Botanical Sketchbook

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Lara Call Gastinger’s Perpetual Journal — Kristin Link Croquis, Botanica, Botanical Illustration, Botanical Prints, Botanical Art, Botanical Drawings, Botanical Sketchbook, Plant Journal, Call

Lara Gastinger is a botanical artist and illustrator in Virginia who keeps the most inspiring sketchbook. I found her work on instagram (@laragastinger), where each week she usually posts from her “perpetual journal”, a weekly journal and sketchbook (now two books) that she’s been keeping for over

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