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Discover the life and work of Bill Mollison, the visionary behind the permaculture movement. Learn how his innovative ideas and sustainable practices continue to inspire and transform the way we interact with nature.
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Written by Doug Crouch With the constant downpours that never cease to amaze us how loud the pings can be on the tin roofs, the rains of the tropics are both a blessing and curse. The rains are one of the main leaching forces that limit the tropical soils depth and subsequent fertility. They are…

Design, Garden Care, People, Architecture, Permaculture Design, Ethics, Aquaponics, Permaculture Design Course, Environment Windbreaks are structures used to block, or break the path, of wind. Many things can do this... mountains, hills, rocks, buildings, fences, and plants. The plants are the focus of this article. By using plants as our windbreak, we are have the ability to utilize a Permaculture Principle that encourages multiple functions for each element of design. Our windbreaks have a primary function that is typically one or more of the…

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