Arum lily

Enhance the elegance of your space with stunning arum lily arrangements. Discover creative ideas to incorporate this exquisite flower into your home decor or special events.
Calla Lily Valley, Big Sur, California - Yan Photography I could see myself just laying down and look up at the sky-Candace Williams Italy, Nature, Sunrise, Beautiful Images, Beautiful Pictures, Beautiful Nature, Beautiful Places, Beautiful World, Beautiful

Since I saw Willie's picture from his iphone, I knew I had to go ASAP, the flowers probably passed prime time. This day was only day I could get out of work earlier, but the weather didn't cooperate. No clouds could be seen from Santa Cruz coast, satellite was clear whole day. I debated to myself weather I should start heading down to big sur or not ... Here is what I got that day. Sometimes we have to trust our own intuition. Side notes to James: you should have gone with me ... Happy…

Ruthann Dannah