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Explore a world of captivating stories and mesmerizing visuals with these must-watch animation films. Let your imagination run wild and be transported to magical realms filled with unforgettable characters.
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First look at Ainbo, an animated film by José Zelada at Tunche Film (Peru). Ainbo is a girl born in the Amazon rain forest. She is protected by Motelo Mama, a gigantic turtle and the most powerful spirit of the forest. Her life changes when Yacurunu, an ancient demon, threatens her home. The project will be presented in Berlin for international sales, but the delivery date is still unknown.

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05.10.2021 - animation process from 1 to 10! . by @laikastudios . . . #stopmotion #stopmotionvideo #animation #animationstudio #coraline #kuboandthetwostrings #corpsebride #creative #imagination #animationvideo #moviemaking #movielover #claymation

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Looking to decorate your dorm room or apartment with a touch of your personality? Or are you a movie lover who wants to showcase your favorite films? Our custom wall collage print packs are just what you need! Choose from a variety of genres and customize your wall decor with glossy 4x6 inch prints that can be hung up with tape, blue tack, or glue dots. Digital prints are also available upon request! Not only will you be able to create a unique display for your space, but for every order…

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A movie is like McDonald’s: wherever in the world you might go, you’ll get the exact same cinematographic Big Mac. Right? Wrong! A fun fact is that some of your favorite animated movies sometimes get small localized changes made to certain scenes so that they fit into a particular country’s cultural context much better.