A christmas story

Get inspired by these captivating ideas to create your own Christmas story. From heartwarming tales to magical adventures, discover the perfect story to share with your loved ones this holiday season.
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The cinematic season once ruled by Irving Berlin, Charles Dickens, and It’s a Wonderful Life now belongs to a little 1983 sleeper of a movie, A Christmas Story. A look back at how Bob Clark’s new holiday classic upended the sentimental old order by showing something every family could recognize.

Danielle Murphy
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All of my family photo-shoot are wonderful, and this particular one is very special to me! I always have so much fun working with one of my brides, Lizz. She is very creative, and she always has this "offbeat" ideas that I love ;) She tells me what her visions are, and I'm happy to capture those for her on photographs :) Instead of going to a park, beach, or downtown, we decided to photograph their Christmas card picture at Lizz's parents' house with "A Christmas Story" movie-theme in mind…

Kara Smedley Rodean
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We all have a Christmas story. Whether or not you've seen this movie won't change the fact that you've probably experienced some version of it growing up. Remember that toy you had to beg for as a kid? Or that Christmas dinner that didn't go right? That gift you absolutely hated? Or that snowsuit that made it so you couldn't put your arms down? These scenes are just the tip of the iceberg in Bob Clark's old fashioned homage to the traditional family holiday in, A Christmas Story (1983). This…

Kim Newby