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there are many different colored plastic toys on the table with numbers and eyes in front of them
Preschool activity - spider crafts
two paper plates with different colored liquids on them, one is yellow and the other is red
We made caterpillars in preschool
I have a project where I use cookie cutters to do this, but I should keep cups in mind for bigger circles.
four circles with different countries on them and some stickers in the middle one circle has flags
Summer Olympics Unit Studies, Printables and FREE Resources
FREE printable of Olympic Rings with continents and Olympic country sort
a crossword puzzle with the olympic symbols
Crucigrama Juegos Olímpicos 5º-6º worksheet
Ficha online de Los Juegos Olímpicos para 5º-6º. Puedes hacer los ejercicios online o descargar la ficha como pdf.
an apple dot to dot game with numbers and symbols in the form of letters that are connected
Olympic Dot-to-Dot Puzzle: Olympic Rings
unir puntos
two children are painting on paper at a table with cups and saucers in front of them
Olympic Rings
an image of three circles in the shape of four interlocked rings on a white background
9 Creative Crafts For The Olympics
an olympic game is on the table next to some crayons and paintbrushes
Olympic Games Activities, Games, and Printables
Olympic Games Activities, Games, and Printables | KidsSoup
four different colored rings on a table with one red, one blue and one yellow
Lanzamos aros olímpicos
Lanzamos aros olímpicos
an olympic ribbon hanging from a tree
four circles with the names of different countries in each circle, labeled as africa and america
Proyecto Los Juegos Olímpicos
Como hace tiempo la sección de proyectos está abandonada creo que deberia de realizar un super proyecto que en nuestros días lo tenemos pres...
three paper plates with olympic rings on them
a coloring page with the olympic rings for kids to color and practice their numbers on
Proyecto Los Juegos Olímpicos
Los duendes y hadas de Ludi: Proyecto Los Juegos Olímpicos Más