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Ref pic, most likely planning Jade

Fancy Prospit/Derse Beta Troll ladies, Alpha Kid ladies, and Beta Kid ladies.

Prospit dreamers | Does Gamzee have a tiara instead of a crown? Yes he does. In other news, Karkat looks so sexy pissed off like that

Homestuck Prospit dreamers John Jade Tavros Gamzee Vriska Karkat Terezi Kanaya Plus Sollux

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trolls vriska serket Gamzee Makara eridan ampora feferi peixes terezi pyrope equius zahhak Jotart Acquaristuck

Yay Feferi’s Acquaristuck outfit! Goodness grief this took way longer than it should have (damn you livestreeeaaaamm). Anyway, there are areas to swim, obviously, with so much water–and Feferi of course loves these areas. She’s the only troll that.