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the building has many windows with wooden shutters on each window and one tree in front
Galería de 58 Viviendas Sociales en Antibes / Atelier PIROLLET architectes - 4
an exterior view of a concrete building with wood slats on the walls and wooden flooring
Galería de Villa Boscana / OLARQ Osvaldo Luppi Architects - 14
Kazuyo Sejima | a f a s i a Interior, Façades, Parametric Design, Tokyo Architecture, Facade Design, Muri, Architect Design
Kazuyo Sejima
Kazuyo Sejima | a f a s i a
an empty room with a bench and green walls
Hall de Entrada: +110 Projetos de Decoração Lindos para 2024
a wooden table and chairs in a room with white walls, wood flooring and stairs
Des Érables Residence by _naturehumaine
an empty room with wood and glass walls
Oficinas Ilerna On line / Estudi Alfred García Gotós
a living room with two couches and a coffee table in front of a book shelf
Seductive Belgian Home Interior (With Floor Plans)
an old building with a wooden door and window on the side walk next to another building
Detalles del pasado en una casa del presente, por Cabre i Díaz Arquitectes
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs
Casa GS – ARQA
Casa GS – ARQA
an aerial view of a house surrounded by trees
Casa GS – ARQA
Casa GS – ARQA
an outdoor courtyard with stone walls and grass
Casa GS – ARQA
Casa GS – ARQA
the house is surrounded by trees and grass
Casa GS – ARQA
Casa GS – ARQA