Detalles de decoración, centros de mesa, sitting
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a table topped with lots of cakes and candles
Decoración en Plaza Mayor
a wedding cake with candles on it is surrounded by other tables and chairs at night
Decoración en Plaza Mayor
an old fashioned ice cream cart sitting in front of a building
Carrito Chuches
the table is set with flowers and place settings for guests to sit down at it
a place setting with two napkins and a couple kissing on the beach in san francisco, california
a table topped with lots of different types of decorations and items on top of it
a water fountain with the letters s and m in front of it
an outdoor seating area with chairs and flowers in the foreground, along with palm trees
a table with flowers and pictures on it in the middle of a garden area next to some plants
an open book sitting on top of a white table next to pictures and other items
there are many vases with roses in them on the table at this wedding reception
Centro de Mesa en Plaza Mayor al medio día
the tables are set with white linens and flower centerpieces
Presidencia Plaza Mayor
hay bales and buckets are arranged on a table with flowers in the background
Rincón de cervezas en Pergola
several peppers in a wooden box with price tags on them and flowers around the edges
Sitting entrada Plaza Mayor
an assortment of fruits and vegetables on display in wooden crates with price tags attached to them
Sitting entrada Plaza Mayor