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an image of the words simplicity is the ultimate sophisitation
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a quote that says worry less, smile more don't regt just learn and grow
Worry less, smile more. Don't regret, just learn & grow... wise words
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Ashley Creates Things
the future is exciting on a white background with purple letters and a black cat sitting in front of it
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Hey Angus. I know you have been through a lot in your life and you may think you are not making much progress but every day you get a little further. I know you have hopes of attending college and studying psychology. I posted this to hopefully get you excited about the future and what you can be.
the words time to wine down written in black on a white background with an image of a
a black and white photo with the words always be thankful life could be worse
a quote that reads send love to others, honor family make money love honesty be free don't judge and explore your creative abilities
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two things prevent us from happiness living in the past and observing others
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an image of a quote that says, ah the smell of salt and sand there is no eliion on this bleased earth like it
a sunflower with the words sunshine is the best medicine
Rebecca Bains - Hard Road
Happiness and Music Rebecca Bains Sunshine. .. SO true<3 // Caribbean Sun Tan & Boutique.. Altoona, PA
a quote that reads,'i'll be fine if they don't '
Confidence is not "They will like me". Confidence is "I'll... - LifeHack