Restaurante l'Algadir del Delta

Aquí puede disfrutar de una muestra de nuestros platos / Here you can enjoy a small part of our dishes, enjoy!
8 Pins
a white plate topped with fish covered in sauce next to a glass of wine on a table
Lenguado de Sant Carles con guarnición
small appetizers are arranged on a white plate
Tostadas de anguila y dorada ahumadas
the food is prepared and ready to be eaten
"Suquet" de anguila del Delta del Ebro
a slice of pizza sitting on top of a white plate next to a glass of wine
Coca de "recapte"
a pan filled with food sitting on top of a table next to a wine glass
Arroz con verduras, pato, anguila y caracoles
a pan filled with cooked shrimp and rice on top of a table next to wine glasses
Paella marinera
a person holding a bowl of soup in front of a table full of wine glasses
Arroz caldoso con bogavantes
a chef preparing food in a kitchen on top of a stove next to a frying pan
Nuestra cocina