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there are several green and yellow domes on the side of a mountain with clouds in the background
Futuro homes by Matti Suuronen, 1968
a woman in a dress with flowers on her head and hands up to her face
Carmen Miranda, Ca. Early 1940s by Everett
Beautiful and talented Carmen Miranda, Early 1940s Photograph
four different shapes and sizes of artwork on the wall, each with an abstract design
Pure Geometry
Pure Geometry by Alexey Romanowsky - 3D animation, really, but they look so REAL!
a blue and white pitcher with flowers on it's side sitting on a table
1900's Antique Chocolate Pot
1900's Antique Chocolate Pot
the words give me some space are shown
Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by #SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom #mosaic
a group of people dressed up in fancy dresses and headpieces sitting next to each other
photographed in paris at the centre historique des archives nationales, hôtel de soubise by annie leibovitz
an old document with writing on it
Last Letter of Marie-Antoinette
Marie Antoinette's heart breaking last letter to her children, stained by tears. 1793
a woman wearing a red and white polka dot shirt with her hands on her head
Bettie Page - agree with @Hannah Mestel Grenade, favorite pic.
three cups and saucers stacked on top of each other with the words wedding trend
Vintage tea cups- I want!! I only have coffee mugs I use for tea
six different types of soda bottle caps with the same color and logo on each one
The Bottle Cap Man
Vintage bottle caps from pinner Will. I'll have to post my photo of why this is in this board -- a vintage cap I randomly saw last spring in the middle of nowhere outback driving out from Woomera, Australia.
there are two pictures of the inside of a house with pink and gold furniture in it
From the Mixed-Up Files of Fawn E. Gehweiler
Vintage Alex Madonna's Gold Rush Steakhouse and Guest Suites #madonnainn #sanluisobipo #centralcoast #california #vintage #vintagedecor
there is a neon sign for the motel on top of this building that says madonna inn
Pink Madonna Inn
Our neon sign is a West Coast icon! #madonnainn #sanluisobispo #california #centralcoast #californiacoast #pch #hwy101 #805 #neonicon #neonsign
a white sink with pink and gold designs on it
madonna inn
From "sending postcards" blog #madonnainn #sanluisobispo #california #centralcoast #sendingpostcards
two beds in a room with green carpeting and colorful wallpaper on the walls
Guestrooms & Suites
Room 206 old mill
Shirley Eaton painted gold as Bond girl Jill Masterson in Goldfinger Game Of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen, Game Of Thrones Characters
Shirley Eaton Is A Golden Babe
Shirley Eaton painted gold as Bond girl Jill Masterson in Goldfinger
an image of women with different colors on their bodys and the words woman power
15 Gorgeous Book Cover Redesigns
007 Michael Gillette Bond Women
a woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes
Britt Ekland - Wikipedia
007 James Bond Girl 1974 The Man with the Golden Gun: Britt Eckland (Swedish) as Goodnight
a painting of a woman dressed as wonder girl with stars all around her and the colors of the american flag
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
a woman dressed as batgirl standing in front of a red background with her hands on her hips
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Yvonne Craig es la Batichica original de la serie televisiva que, protagonizó junto con Adam West y Burt Ward.
a man with his hands on his hips wearing a face mask that has the image of wonder woman painted on it
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman 1970s LOVED HER!!! ~ all these workouts tonite wore me out! Taking my tight abs and buns to bed! Night all!
an old man wearing a hat and holding a guitar in his right hand while smiling at the camera
Nuestro Caballo Viejo: Simon Diaz! Compositor, Actor cómico, emprendedor, ejemplo de virtudes de la transición del Llanero a la Ciudad y además universalmente interpretado en múltiples idiomas
the woman is making a funny face with her mouth open
All mine... portishead - dark music and strange video clip :)
an old fashion photo of a woman in short skirt and heels
Alice White - 1920's - Alice White has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to Motion Pictures, at 1501 Vine Street.
a woman with her hair blowing in the wind
Terry O’Neill: Brigitte Bardot in Spain, 1971.
Antique Ouija Planchette via Etsy... I'll admit, though other methods of divination don't freak me out, the Ouija Board kind of does. Bohemian Christmas, Odd Things, Spirit Board, Ouija Board, Fortune Telling, Spiritual Gifts, Alchemy, Crystal Ball, Runes
Antique Ouija Planchette With Orig Box FREE USA SHIP | Etsy
Antique Ouija Planchette via Etsy... I'll admit, though other methods of divination don't freak me out, the Ouija Board kind of does.
an open box with a key on it sitting on a wooden floor next to a sign
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Ouija - btw... still sells in your local toy store... and comes in pink too... making it not so scarey when conjuring a demon.
four different types of baseball bats are shown in the same box, and one is empty
Details toydb
c.1966, TKK Japan, Batman Ray Gun in Original Box