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Chastity Belts

lockedlali: “the-unlikely-azoutback: “ Kim had a reputation in this small town. Men would hide their wives and girlfriends when they saw her coming. The local sheriff busted her in a prostitution sting. While she may be a whore, she is not a hooker.

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Submissive Pose Chart - Lucinda by LexLucas on DeviantArt

absurdres arms up ayase eli ball gag bdsm blonde hair blue eyes bondage bound breasts collar cuffs erect nipples gag gagged harness highres long hair looking at viewer love live!

A certain gang of girl detectives have found themselves in a very tight spot! The three girls are facing a crazed captor and a very large set of kinky b. Snoops in the Basement

diapergirls-anime-manga-art:  I’m not a great fan of these kind of pictures, but this one is Fairy Tail related, so I had to post it. http://alittleextracushion.tumblr.com/post/109258704834

This is a request I did for . He asked for both Mirajane and Lissanna in diapers and in bondage. Request - Mirajane and Lissana smelly in bondage

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fetishhand: The Latex Couple: So many ToyesPart 6 of is all.