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a purple bowl filled with wooden spoons that say, grab and go brain breaks
Grab and Go Brain Breaks in the Classroom • Tickled Pink in Primary
dr jean's transitions tips and tricks for students to use in the classroom
Dr. Jean's Cheer Cards {freebie}
a sign with the words everybody face the door, hurry up or we'll be late
a pair of yellow scissors sitting on top of a piece of paper next to a sign that says two fingers on the bottom and the thumb on top
@mrs.preschool on Instagram: "Can't remember where I found this poem, but it's a perfect addition to the writing center where I display scissor skills work my s… | Preschool learning activities, Teaching preschool, Preschool lessons
Teacher Binder Forms
Are you looking for templates, forms and MUST HAVE sheets for your teacher or substitute teacher binder? There are 35 forms in this resource that organize, streamline and help make teaching life easy that you will wonder how you did without! I LOVE to organize and these forms are a life saver! #1stgrade #2ndgrade #classroom #teacherbinder #templates #birthdays #meetings #seatingcharts #schedules #studentinformation #parentinformation
a person writing on a bulletin board with the words how to make your classroom more interactive
The Top 5 Interactive Activities For Your Preschool Classroom
Do you struggle with engagement with your preschool students? As I use more hands-on and interactive activities for kids throughout my classroom, the level of engagement and learning has drastically improved.I have designed multiple products to be used with all of these interactive activities for preschool and kindergarten. Easier to plan and engage! Check out the blog for my top 5 interactive activities and how I use them. Make sure to grab your interactive FREEBIE!
a poster with the words at the rug and mountain sitting on top of each other
Carpet Sitting Positions
a white sign with writing on it that says, who body listening eyes are looking paws are down and still be grooy
First Day Activities
Prayers & Purple Elephants: First Day Activities