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an image of a light bulb with different colors on it and the diagram below that shows its location
Image result for colour printing process
the letter k is made up of multicolored geometric shapes and letters that appear to be overlapping
fuck | patrick thomas
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
'Spring Breaker' screenprint inspiration, DIY merch design inspiration
an abstract painting with bright colors and lots of flowers on the bottom half of it
CMYK Chaos 007 – Test Prints « Flat Vernacular
an image of a colorful kaleite design on a white background with lots of colors
Carnovsky RGB wallpaper. Shine red light on and one set of drawings appears, same with green and blue light.
a drawing of a zebra made out of colored lines
primary colour overlapped zebra
an image of a colorful droplet on a white background with the word's logo below it
Atlas Print Solutions by Mirko Ilic.
a colorful skull on a pink background
distortion skull
multiple images of different buildings and trees in the foreground, with clouds above them
Printmaking Images & Tutorials
Clare Szydlowski (CMYK screenprints, printed by hand!) <3:
a poster with an image of a black bird on it's back and the words four color monster below
4 Colour monster by Andy Smith for the design geeks :)
the words life's cold, rful are written in white letters on colorful circles
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Life is colorful screenprint by Coni Della Vedova
a white t - shirt with the words start a revolution on it and three people riding bicycles
Revolution Tee Four Color Silk Screen CMYK | Etsy
Revolution Tee Four color Silk screen CMYK by Manvsink on Etsy, $25.00
an abstract painting with flowers and leaves on it's surface, in bright colors
RGB Wallpapers - carnovsky is a Milan based artist/designer duo comprised of Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes in the center, on a white background
CSA / Flat File
S de Sandra.....