The Moon is the swiftest of all the celestial bodies. She travels through the Zodiac in approximately 28 days, and spends two and a half days in each sign. Her daily motion is an average of 12 degrees.  Distance from Earth: 384 000 km. Mass: slightly over one thousandth of the Earth's. Water is her element. Her nature is cold and moist. She rules Cancer and she is in exaltation in Taurus.

Moonlight---gold and black gervasio. looks just like the moonlight reflection we saw in Naples

Dresden Demitasse Cup Saucer Helena Wolfshon Gold Paste Enamel Beads c.1886

Dresden Demitasse Cup Saucer Helena Wolfshon Gold Paste Enamel Beads c.1886

** Šálek na čaj s podšálkem - zlacený porcelán ♣ Dresden **

Blown #glass Chandelier BUBBLES IN SPACE by Lasvit | #design Jitka Kamencová Skuhravá

If you are looking for an original pendant lamp for some space, this article is for you! We’ve gathered 66 most creative lamps for any space, any style and

Restaurant Le V - AD España, © D.R.

François Champsaur renueva el Vernet

Folded copper wall lights, designed by Champsaur. Elegant, simple and wonderfully designed we love these copper wall lights.

I wonder if you could somehow attach one or two fake flowers according to the color scheme to the bottom balloons and have curly ribbons coming down through them

Le Fan Plisse' by Christopher Guy

Le Fan Plisse'

Shop for Christopher Guy Le Fan Plisse' Chair, and other Bedroom Chairs at Noel Furniture in Houston, TX.

Reem Acra Pre-Fall 2015

Notice the gray haze is gone. The brightness is adjusted, the saturation improved, sharpness improved and many more details improved.

Luiz Maganhoto e Daniel Casagrande

Ponto de Luz

Me London, Londres - AD España, © D.R.

Hotel Design Idea: ME London Hotel’s Beauty: Fabulous Contemporary ME Hotel London Interior Furniture Living Room