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an abstract photograph of a building with green glass
Torre Woermann Ábalos & Herreros Las Palmas Gran Canaria 2004 | Floornature
El proyecto Torre Woermann, Ábalos & Herreros. Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)
a building with green wavy lines on the side and white wall next to it in front of a blue sky
Research Laboratory at Groningen University by UNStudio
an architectural building with green and white wavy lines on it's side, against a cloudy blue sky
reach out and touch..
Research lab of The University Medical Center (UMCG), Groningen, Netherlands, by Ben van Berkel, UN
two pictures of the same building with different colors and shapes on each side, one is red
Route to Art - Singapur
two people standing in front of a building with blue lights on the outside and inside
House Beo
a building with multiple colored windows at night
coming home by Hans-Georg Kokott
the side of a building with three lights in front of it and a sky background
Untitled, via Flickr.
an abstract blue and purple background with small squares
Mermaid Building, UT Dallas
Mermaid Building, UT Dallas by JimBab, via Flickr
an apartment building with multicolored windows and a clock on the side of it
AHS_Architektur097 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an image of a building that is made up of many different colored glass shapes and colors
Oxford Street facade by Future Systems
Oxford Street faceted glass facade by architect's Future Systems built 2008. Photo: Quintin Lake
two cars parked in front of an apartment building with multiple balconies on each floor
N - A R C H I T E K T U R
Lingerie Chavort, Montmélian, France Ritz Architecte Photographed by Peter Atkinson
a tall building with green wavy lines on it's side and palm trees in the foreground
新加坡MINT 玩具博物馆 / SCDA - 建筑 - 室内设计师网
Singapore MINT:: SCDA
multicolored building with multiple windows and balconies
2013 RIBA Awards winners announced
Park Hill, Sheffield by Hawkins/Brown and Studio Egret West
the building is made up of many windows and has multiple balconies on each side
Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London
the side of a building with yellow and black squares on it
This is What it Feels Like