Santa Cristina de Lena, Asturias, Spain

Santa Cristina de Lena is a Roman Catholic Asturian pre-Romanesque church located in the Lena municipality, about 25 km south of Oviedo, Spain, on an old Roman road that joined the lands of the plateau with Asturias.

Hiking in Spain's Picos de Europa Mountains. I think I'll add this to my list of places I'd like to visit.

Hiking in Spain's Picos de Europa Mountains

The Pyrenees, Spain

Stormclouds, The Pyrenees, Spain Even storms can look beautiful. It's all about perspective ;

Santander, Spain

Start in Bilbao, with a sampling of pintxos at Restaurante Víctor Montes, before heading west on to Santander, where the waterfront Hotel Real is an ideal base.

Ribadasella - Asturias - Spain

Me encantó .

Vista de Los Urros, con los Picos de Europa de fondo. Cantabria Spain

Vista de Los Urros,with Picos de Europa behind .Over dogs every year are tortured to death in Spain. Dogs for hunting and Galgo races (Spanish Greyhounds). Hanged, thrown alive into wells or/and burned alive.

¿Qué sería de Asturias sin sus vacas? Asturias - Spain #Asturias #Spain

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Segovia is located within the Iberian Peninsula, near Valladolid and the Spanish capital, Madrid.Segovia is one of nine provinces that make up the autonomous region of Castile and León. It is neigh...

Segovia, Spain.