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Matej Kren installed a “tower of books” in the Prague Municipal Library which uses mirrors to create an illusion that you’re looking into an endless vortex of books.

New vent grilles for the master suite are on sale at Lowe's. #remodel #tightbudget #brushednickel,

New vent grilles for the master suite are on sale at Lowe's.

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After the sloppy science in Arrow Marvel Agents of Shield Pacific Rim and other recent sci-fi shows and movies anyone remember Good Guy Stargate

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Downtown Hotel

Article source: Handel Architects LLP Dream Downtown Hotel is a SF boutique hotel in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. The building includes 316 guestrooms, two restaurants, rooftop and VIP lounges, outdoor pool and pool .

Sci-Fi Panels - Seamless Patterns - Patterns Backgrounds

Sci-Fi Panels - Seamless Patterns by DreamWarrior This pack seamless pattern tiles 512512 pixels at 300 ppiPlus 15 bump maps, one for each tile 15 specular maps, one fo