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an image of some type of artwork that is in black and white, with the text below it
Espacio Escultórico UNAM - Hidden Architecture
Mexico City, Mexico. 1979. Architect: Federico Silva, Helen Escobedo, Hersúa, Manuel Felguérez, Mathias Goeritz y Sebastián
two drawings showing the inside and outside of a building
Mulder House - Hidden Architecture
Lima, Peru. 1982. Architect: Arquitectonica
a drawing of the floor plan for an indoor swimming pool with seating areas and dividers
Beirut Grain Silos - Hidden Architecture
Beirut, Lebanon. 1968
an architectural drawing shows the floor plan for a house with two floors and three levels
Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art - Hidden Architecture
two drawings of the interior and exterior of a building
Lincoln House - Hidden Architecture
Lincoln, MA, United States. 1962. Architect: Mary Otis Stevens & Thomas McNulty
the floor plan for a boat that is being built
Appliance House - Hidden Architecture
1956. Architect: Alison & Peter Smithson
an old drawing of a building with lots of windows and floor plans on the side
Villalba de Calatrava - Hidden Architecture
Ciudad Real , Spain. 1955 Architect: José Luis Fernández del Amo
a line drawing of an object that is in the shape of a turtle's head
Hindustan Lever Pavillion - Hidden Architecture
New Delhi, India. 1961 Architect: Charles Correa
an airplane is shown in the middle of a floor plan for a building that has been constructed
St. Theresia Church - Hidden Architecture
Linz, Austria. 1959 Architect: Rudolf Schwarz
some drawings are drawn on paper and have been altered to look like it is going down the hill
Arctic Town - Hidden Architecture
Arctic. 1958 Architect: Ralph Erskine
a drawing of a circular structure with four different sections in the center, and three smaller sections
Castel del Monte - Hidden Architecture
Andria, Italy. 1240 Architect: Unknown
the floor plan for an apartment building
Pueblo Bonito - Hidden Architecture
New Mexico, USA. 828 Architect: Unknown
an old architectural drawing with black and white lines on it's side, showing the floor plan
Coromandel Estate Manor House - Hidden Architecture
Lydenburg, South Africa. 1975 Architect: Marco Zanuso
an architectural drawing shows the floor plan for a building with multiple floors and several rooms
New Barrid Village - Hidden Architecture
Kharga, Egypt. 1967 Architect: Hassan Fathy