Recycled Art - Soda Bottle Jellyfish

Zero the Hero craft-recycled water bottle octopus put 10 fruit loops on each of the 8 legs Recycled Art - Soda Bottle Jellyfish.these are great to hang from the ceiling for a nautical birthday party or out doors from the trees for a kids pool party.

¡Tener una caja de luz que estimule a los más pequeños de la casa es fácil!

A Heart Suncatcher with Mosaic Tiles from the Light Table

Heart Patterns and Suncatchers on the DIY Light Table. The light table is simply a large clear under bed plastic storage bin with a string of white Christmas lights inside. It's the easiest and cheapest light table possible

Loose parts

Pin Loose parts. Students are given a variety or natural resources sourced from around the centre to create artworks.

Tutorial bloques con ventana

Tutorial bloques con ventana Window blocks using colored plastic (sometimes one can find file folders or envelopes made with this plastic - or color the plastic from food packaging)

Hobby Mommy Creations: DIY Light Table - IKEA Hack

DIY Light Table I joined our preschool board of directors last May and it has been a blast helping get the preschool equipped with awes.

Cerceau sensorielle

Cerceau sensorielle

A small kids table with three. It puts for bins would make the perfect Montessori dishes station