De aquí nos gustaba más la idea de estantería con libros y un panel (pero nos parece excesivo en un solo cuerpo.

A Son Is Free to Return. All of the Books, Maybe Not.

Great idea for hiding the TV could work in any decor Fireplace or not! A sliding wall above the fireplace (a ventless model from Hearth Cabinet) conceals the television. Hide the TV in a variation on this theme?

Gallery Frame TV Cover #potterybarn More

8 Clever and Stylish Ways to Disguise Your TV

Pictures frames on sliding doors to hide tv screen on the back (Furniture Designs Doors)

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Livingroom or family room decor. Simple but perfect. - Pepi Home Decor Designs awesome Livingroom or family room decor. Simple but perfect.

estoy mirando la televison cuando mi esposa no este en la casa

Decorating with a TV

I appreciate quality tv and movies almost as much as I appreciate fine art so why should I have to choose. I don& think I& ever seen a TV that looks great in a room so why not tuck it away behind an abstract masterpiece.

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Many people consider interior design or decorating fields suitable for women and not for men. Men do not have furnishing or decorating prowess. However, they can still recognize tasteful cars,.


DIY Flat Screen TV Cabinet

Adelle Coffee Table

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