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“ 170526 wings tour in sydney by sugaburst。 thank you! ◇ please do not edit, and take out with credit。 ”

#wattpad #fanfic Omegaverse   •Jimin  ➡Alfa   •Yoongi➡Omega   ♡Yoongi es un estudiante que solo esta centrado en salir adelante y ayudar a su familia.   ♡Jimin no se preocupa de las apariencias, mientras vive con un secreto que de a poco lo consume.   ♡Yoongi no pretende involucrarse en el mundo de los demás, p...

Read yoongi from the story nudes. sugajin, namgi, gif belowthis time, he isnt sticking his butt out.

- Agust D/Suga how are you soo freaking cool? Everything you do is like woahhhhbguhhbbguh🔥your laugh and ayego is my everything! Continue to rap till the end and never give up Yoongi💕 Thanks a lot.

#wattpad #fanfic Donde Jimin en un omega demasiado inocente y Yoongi un alfa muy posesivo.  intento de omegaverse. aclaración: primera vez escribiendo esta mamada. channell10✨

Read 🐺 18 🐺 from the story LITTLE WOLF ✿ YOONMIN by (n a h i l a) with reads.


Little Yoongi wants to travel the world but he doesn't know how so he looks to his mom and pouts and asks her to take him from Hong Kong to New York but she said she didn't have the technology to do Yoongi vowed that he'd give it to her someday XD