charmander my starter pokemon!

If I was ten and getting my first pokèmon out of bulbasour charmander or um. Somthin I would choose charmAnder the most loyal pokèmon ever to me

Sometimes you have to hold your heart in your own hands...

Claire street art paris Love is one of eternal subjects of art. The emotion is also explored in street art by street artists. In this post, let’s enjoy the 10 Breathtaking pieces of love street art.

Howl's Moving Castle Fanart.

Howl's Moving Castle: One of my favorite movies! A young girl becomes curse by the witch of the waste. She ends up staying in Howl's castle. Howl is a wizard. It is a wonderful story!

Tree Portal, The Enchanted Forest, California

Tree Portal, The Enchanted Wood . A doorway into the enchanted land of the fairies.

Jae Lee My intuition doesn't like to be caged nor controlled. I must make peace…

Jae Lee’s Artwork From Stephen King’s The Wind Through the Keyhole Limited Edition

Northern Lights

The deep lush rich colours of our Universe is simply awesome.the fusion of the colours allow for rich textures of space-scapes to be formed . :) «i don't always like waking up

turtle drawings - Google Search

This really is one cute turtle! === If my (hypothetically) child will be cute as this turtle, I'll be the happiest dad EVER!