El Chalten, Patagonia, Argentina EL SUR DE MI TIERRA...

The Road to Fitzroy by Jimmy Mcintyre This is the road that leads to the small town in Patagonia called El Chalten. Behind it sits the monster that is Mount Fitzroy.


Computers might be addicting, but they can't compare to the smartphone addiction.

billetera mata galan

This picture focuses on greed and desire of money. I like the visual metaphoric imagery of creating her lover's figure out of money. This implies that all she see's him for is his money.

Pawel Kuczynski #savewater #savetheplanet

Using satire and colored pencil to deal with tough and poignant issues, Polish artist/cartoonist Pawel Kuczynski works with global issues like pollution, child labor and wage disparity while turning a clever and humorous eye on the situation


Perspectiva del mundo moderno

Artist Steve Cutts is an illustrator and animator based in London. Cutts used to work for a number of businesses and brands, but stopped in 2012 so he

Retro estilo de causa del pensamiento Ilustraciones de John Holcroft - 2

John Holcroft The purpose is to provide vectors everyday modern life satirical manner. The works focus on our dependence on technology, human greed, access to health and many other topics.

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