Virtudes, Vícios E Pecados... "Tratado Sobre As Virtudes e Vícios", por…

Manuscript: Harley 3244 - Theological miscellany Folio: 28 Location: England Dating: 1236 - 1275 Institution: British Library Image

Escena de un torneo con espectadoras

From the Codex Manesse, a Liederhandschrift (medieval songbook), the single most comprehensive source of Middle High German Minnesang poetry, written and illustrated ca.

Arachne hanged | Literary | France, probably Paris or possibly the Loire region | ca. 1460 | The Morgan Library & Museum

Medieval Manuscript Images, Pierpont Morgan Library, Livre des cleres et nobles femmes. \ ["If love is a red dress

Hector and Achilles

Image of an item from the British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

Tournament of Inglevert. From British Library. Detail of a miniature of the tournament of Ingelvert.   Origin: 	Netherlands, S. (Bruges)

: The Barbie Dream Pavilion. Images of pink tents in the SCA period

Batalla de Huete, 1164

Batalla de Huete, 1164