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KITSUNEKitsune are from Japanese folklore and are Japanese foxes.A kitsune can have up to nine tails, depending on its age, wisdomand power.The only way to kill a kitsune is to cut off all of its tails, as it is said that one of the tails is its main…

His and hers naughty luchador masks and more by Shingo Shimizu , who has various goods on sale at Zazzle and InPrint .

lucha nine

Mexico Style, Chicano, Umbrellas, Wrestling, Santos, Female Fighter, Journaling, Martial Arts, Mexicans

Lost Acapulco en el Pasaguero 2

Lost Acapulco en el Pasaguero by Charles Drawin, via Behance

Caveira loca!

"Skull Graphic/Illustration by Ali GULEC posters, art prints, canvas prints, greeting cards or gallery prints. Find more Graphic/Illustration art prints and posters in the ARTFLAKES shop.


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Historieta "Santo, el enmascarado de plata"

Historieta "Santo, el enmascarado de plata"