Man Caves, Men Cave, Man Room, Man Cave

Jo Henderson (photo), Emma Thomas (stylist) When I was a kid, the foyer of my family's GreenwichVillage house was papered with blueprints of the building,

Tractor Print featuring the digital art 1919 Antique Tractor Design Blueprint Patent Art Print by Sara Harris

Navy Blue with White Vintage Airplane Blueprints Print Pure Cotton Fabric--One Yard

Petri Dish, Transport Illustrations, Motorcycle, Motorbikes

Harley Davidson, Motorcycles, Motorbikes, Biking, Motors

Diving Helmet, Sea Theme, Steampunk, Military, Ocean Themes, Military Personnel

Other patents acquired and recreated by the Florida-based art company include this figure drawing of the revolving handgun, which shows the inner workings of the firearm in exquisite detail.

Model Ship Building, Uss Constitution, Boat Plans, Sailing Ships, Sailing Boat, Wooden Boats, Boating, Canisters, Sailboat