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the letter m is decorated with flowers and leaves on it's black letters are in red, green, and blue colors
Diseño listo para mi tattoo!!!!!! Por fin, esta semana comenzamos con la ampliación... Yeeesssss
the letter m is made up of two letters, one black and white with a gray background
nombres originales para estudios de arquitectura
Resultado de imagen para logotipo mm
an old english alphabet with numbers and symbols
el nieru: Cassandre
three different types of logos that are on the same page, one is for museum
Museum - Letter M Logo
Museum - Letter M Logo
the logo for amplitudes by dustin andrews miller
Creative & Clever Logo Designs
some business cards with the letter m on them
Hecha un vistazo al nuevo logotipos de chris.mos75 en 99designs
chris.mos75 eligió un diseño ganador en su concurso de logotipos Por solo 249 €, recibieron 235 diseños por parte de 55 diseñadores.
the letter i is made up of two letters, one in black and one in white
Proveedores Posicionamiento Seo local marca blanca - Web marca blanca
"H and G logo" on Designspiration
the logo for an art studio called'd s monkk, independent artist collective
Página 2 – Blog de diseño gráfico, dirección de arte y comunicación visual
sam_chirnside004 by fscarballo, via Flickr
the monogramic logo for monocle, which has been designed by person and is in
// - Monocle - //
the stationery is designed to look like it has an orange and blue stripe on it
| City Sense Plattaform By Irene Shkarovska
MUSEUM OF JAZZ by Kasia Dybek, via Behance
an assortment of red, yellow and white business cards with different designs on the front
Museum Shop - Museum of Applied Arts by Monika Kovacs, via Behance
this is your ticket and i have no idea if it's for the show
The New Theatre
New Theatre
the new york magazine cover is shown in white and green, with an orange circle
Cuenta Suspendida
Three colors cities por Nick Barclay Hoy queremos presentaros el último trabajo de Nick Barclay, director de arte y diseñador…
a white clipboard with blue, green and yellow strips on it that says madrid
Cuenta Suspendida
Three colors cities by Nick Barclay Today we want to introduce you the last work of Nick Barclay, art director…
an old poster with some type of architecture on it's side and the words around it
La bauhaus (historia)
¤ Bauhaus Design Poster. This is an "inspired by" bauhaus poster. not genuine.
an advertisement for the bauhus austellung exhibition
Arte Popular – La escalera de la Bauhaus, la maravillosa tierra de nadie
Arte Popular – La escalera de la Bauhaus, la maravillosa tierra de nadie
a poster with circles on it that says, refused hard core from sweden
Swissted: Música en pósters tipográficos
Show music some love: Culture / Discovery / Fans. De Latinoamérica para el Mundo.
the runaways poster with pink and black squares
Cherry Bomb Creative Co.
Pongámoslo así: Si nos encontráramos en la situación de crear un dúo único, un 'dúo dinámico', de esos que seguro formarán parte crucial de la historia, definitivamente meteríamos dentro de la licuadora un poco de punk rock, por un lado, y diseño tipo suizo, por otro. Para nosotros sería LA mezcla perfecta; algo similar a Batman
two posters with different colors and shapes on them, one has the words city for all
Campaign ads for #Oslo municipality.
the jesus and mary chain poster with two circles in red, blue, and black
the jesus and mary chain, 1987
the jesus and mary chain at hollywood palladium, 1987
the cover of billy idol's album, with pink and white circles on black
Swissted Rock and Punk Poster Legends Series - Design Milk
Swissted Legends
the book atlas obscura is next to a candy cane on a white surface
The Long Tradition of Folk Healing Among Southern Appalachian Women
"Long Tradition of Folk Healing Among Southern Appalachian Women: Whether their practices are rooted in the Bible, Mother Nature, or common sense, there’s no denying that there’s something enchanted in it." -Beth Ward, Nov. 21, 2017
two blue birds sitting next to each other on top of a white square plate with an intricate design
about Scandinavian Folk Art on Pinterest | Folk Art, Russian Folk Art ...
an image of three women in colorful dresses on a wall hanging from the side of a building
Swedish Folk Art
Swedish Folk Art
an illustrated map of iceland with all the major cities and towns in yellow, blue, green, orange
Scandinavian Gatherings: What Is Scandinavia?
Scandinavian Gatherings: What Is Scandinavia? - Lulu the Baker
red flowers and leaves on white background stock photo - image 349874
Hungarian Red Folk Pattern - Kalocsai Embroidery with Flowers and Paprika Stock Vector - Illustration of card, ethnic: 62136542
Hungarian Red Folk Pattern - Kalocsai Embroidery With Flowers And Paprika Stock Vector - Image: 62136542
a black and white heart shaped design with flowers on the inside, surrounded by leaves
Ukrainian, Eastern European Folk Art Embroidery Pattern or Print Stock Illustration - Illustration of frame, fancy: 41867080
Ukrainian, Eastern European folk art embroidery pattern or print
colorful bird with heart and flowers on white background
european folk art flowers - Google Search
a black and white circular design with flowers in the center, on a white background
Arte popular polaco patrón negro - wzory lowickie, wycinanki
Modelo del arte popular polaco en el círculo - Lowickie wzory, wycinanki
a red, white and black circular object on top of a wooden table next to a building
Sun and Moon Cycle Hex Sign PA Dutch Style the Earth Sun - Etsy
Featured in this hex design are elements of the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch designs. Represented are the earth, the sun, and the moons cycle, promoting good fortune and creativity. Hex signs are any of various painted round signs incorporating designs such as stylized stars, rosettes, or wheels, thought to be useful in bringing good luck and warding off misfortune. Originating in Pennsylvania by European settlers, hex signs are now considered to be a form of American Folk Art and can be fo...
an assortment of cut outs with different shapes and colors, including the silhouettes of animals
Folk Art Festival Cricut Cartridge
The style is considered Pennsylvania Dutch, and the Cricut Folk Art cartridge is a must have for any serious paper crafter. Description from I searched for this on
a red and white paper cut design with birds
Norwegian Folk Art Birds Tote bag scandinavian design bird blue ...
a large collection of red and blue embroidery designs
Folk Ornaments and Pattern Vectors
Nordic Knitting pattern ...para la tertulia lanera
an image of a flower with hearts and leaves in the center on a white background
finally ready to share
Swedish Kurpitz Pattern a contemporary look. ~ Mary Wald's Place - finally ready to share
Arte folklorico                                                       … Flora, Quilt, Fabric Patterns
four plates with designs on them are sitting on a table next to a bird and tree
Puntadas 349
Karolin Schroor
an arrangement of painted eggs in a wicker basket
Easter Eggs | Holiday Crafts | Hand Painted | DIY Decor
European Design | Folk Art | Easter Eggs | Holiday Crafts | Hand Painted | DIY Decor
a cross stitched design with red, green and blue colors on white fabric that looks like an ornament
Bordado de Bulgaria
a green and gold art print with an animal, tree, and sun in the background
six different colored paper cut outs with designs on the front and back of each piece
Ami Victorio Design
European folk art and was pleasantly surprise to discover the work of UK illustrator, Karoline Rerrie. This awesome series of folk art inspired designs was created using drawing, painting, silk screen printing and Japanese Gocco printing. These prints would certainly brighten any room. Images: Courtesy of Karoline Rerrie
a stack of white papers in a green box on a white background with clippings
Croqueras Humboldt, cuadernos desplegables y versátiles
Croqueras Humboldt, cuadernos desplegables y versátiles
an open brochure with different images and text
KORP. Festival de Danza Experimental - Parte I
KORP. Festival de Danza Experimental - Parte I on Behance
an image of different types of items on a white background with the words vive les vacances
Viajes y escapadas Archives | Página 4 de 19 | na sua lua
a book with the title 100 years of graphic design written in red, white and blue
100 Jahre Schweizer Grafik
Lars Müller Publishers — 100 Jahre Schweizer Grafik
an illustrated poster with different types of letters and numbers
the wall is covered with information about different people's lives and years in pink
Chronology of the French History of Immigration
European Design - Chronology of the French History of Immigration
four books with different types of letters and numbers on the covers, all in different colors
COS - Contemporary Style, Designed To Last - Shop Online -