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24 x 24 enmarcada muestra de madera / / que por EllisonMade en Etsy

24 x 24 enmarcada muestra de madera / / que por EllisonMade en Etsy

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A barrel-vaulted arbor inspired by 18th-century Paris, created in metal to support vines and last longer than wood. The Details: Because it requires less maintenance, the metal framing is better suited for being covered by vines than painted wood is. The Plants: A delightful tangle of crossvine and star jasmine quickly covered the structure, providing cooling shade. The vines are cut back periodically in la...

The Big Idea: "A shaded outdoor dining room in New Orleans is a must," says Ben. What could be more fitting for the home of a gastronome than a barrel-vaulted arbor

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