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11329783_417304301787974_3429231115211620482_n.jpg (635×898)

. by cat_free, via Flickr

. by cat_free, via Flickr


The Art of Pablo Uchida.

At The Crossroads by yuumei on DeviantArt

Image d'anime avec original yuumei single short hair highres brown hair standing signed sunlight from behind full body zettai ryouiki evening hieroglyph outdoors watermark railroad crossing girl thighhighs white thighhighs

Natural - Beyond Nature - Llima by zeiva on DeviantArt

Image d'anime avec natural -beyond nature- llima zeiva (artist) single tall image fringe eyes closed very long hair green hair barefoot bent knee (knees) payot copyright name puffy sleeves floating hair skirt flip girl dress bow plant (plants)

The Raven by yuumei on DeviantArt

yuumei-art: “ Just when I said I wanted to draw more whimsical fantasy, this came out instead. Modern day reinterpretation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven. (Part of the Poe series. View The Black Cat.

Said the Stars - by yuumei (Wenqing Yan) “Look up.” Said the Stars “And all your dreams will reveal themselves.” I’ve been longing to take long exposure photography of the night sky for a while now. So much beauty is hidden in the Milky Way that’s.

Alone Among the Lights (Tutorial Video linked) by yuumei

veryprivateart: “ Artist: Yuumei “Alone among the lights" Yuumei really reaches to make more than simple illustrations. I invite everybody to read his short and touching comic strip words” on.