Topo Gigio...

Topo Gigio---the talking mouse from the Ed Sullivan Show.a childhood favorite. "Eddie kiss me good night!


Oh, did we ever play with this "wooden spinning top".


vintage grocery store produce scale - used when getting quarters of sweets.i remember using one of these in my uncles shop. I think he still has it in one of his sheds


Rest in peace Roberto Gomez Bolaños! El Chavo del Ocho - Mexican sitcom from the starring the legendary Roberto Gomez Bolaños. The series aired in Mexico, United States, Brazil, South America, and parts of Europe.

El libro gordo te enseña, el libro gordo entretiene y yo te digo contento ¡hasta la semana que viene!

If Luke was Hispanic then I found the tv show he'd like in his childhood! El Libro Gordo de Petete in which a penguin taught kids topics!

Hangman game

Hangman teaches u a lesson if u say the wrong things to people u can end their life - don't say hurtful things . Think before u speak . If u know it's going to put limits on their confidence then don't say it !


Woody the Woodpecker. My Dad would play a woody woodpecker cartoon before our family movies and my uncle used to do a mighty fine impression, usually when we were camping!