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"Some people pass through our lives to teach us not to be like them"

Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene... best Disney couple ever. Fact.

30 Day Disney Challenge, Day 5 - Favorite couple Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene. best Disney couple ever.

"El tiempo nos cambia a todos" __ También te pueden interesar: Frases de InteligenciaFrases de vidaFrases de películas

No digas que no cambiaras solo el tiempo lo dirá

Rapunzel and Flynn, classic through-the-window pose   This is gorgeous

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Disney's Tangled. This is probably what Flynn had in mind when Rapunzel let down her hair.


Young Rapunzel looking at the floating lanterns from her tower. Words cannot express how much I love this movie! (Yes I know I forgot to draw the shutte. The Floating Lights

Eugene & Rapunzel. It looks like they're taking a selfie!

"There was this book, a book I used to read every night to all the younger kids, 'The Tales of Flynnigan Rider.'" So not only is Flynn/Eugene already perfect, but he is also A BOY WHO READS. He reads and apparently loves it if he read it every night.