Chaumont by @lain G, via Flickr

Chateau de Chaumont 8 Jaw dropping castles from Germany, France, Spain, and Poland that inspired the architecture of Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Carcassonne view by Yellow.Cat, via Flickr

CarcassonneTime for dungeons and dragons! Travel back to medieval times at Carcassonne, a fortified French town in the south of France. Its mighty walls stretch nearly 5 miles, and once kept out invaders such as King Pepin the Short -- take that!

Château d'Amboise by Joe Shlabotnik, via Flickr

Chateau d'Amboise where Paul Mansart and his son Philippe took Honneure to live with their family at Chateau Chenonceau.

Mont Saint Michel by, via Flickr

Mont Saint Michel by, via Flickr