'Puntua' astekaria

'Puntua' aldizkariaren azalen bilduma.
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the words are in different colors and sizes
'Puntua 111', 2017-06-23
a man in a suit and tie on the cover of a magazine with words written below him
'Puntua 115', 2017-07-21
'Puntua 113', 2017-07-07
'Puntua 113', 2017-07-07
a magazine cover with a woman in a suit
'Puntua 109', 2017-06-09
a magazine cover with three people sitting at a table and one person writing on a piece of paper
'Puntua 108', 2017-06-02
'Puntua 106', 2017-05-19
'Puntua 106', 2017-05-19
a blue book cover with the words puntual on it
'Puntua 105', 2017-05-12
an image of a piece of art that is on the cover of puntura magazine
'Puntua 104', 2017-05-05
'Puntua 103', 2017-04-28 Jackets, Denim, Fashion, Puns, Denim Jacket
'Puntua 103', 2017-04-28
a large group of people running in a race with the words runtua on them
'Puntua 102', 2017-04-12
a blue poster with a white bird holding a sign in it's mouth that says puntua
'Puntua 101', 2017-04-07
the words puntua 100 written in blue on a white background
'Puntua 100', 2017-03-31
the front cover of a magazine with an image of a large ship in the water
'Puntua 099', 2017-03-24
a magazine cover with people standing in front of a food truck and the words puntua written on it
'Puntua 098', 2017-03-17
a poster with the words puntua in white and black on it, against a yellow background
'Puntua 097', 2017-03-10