Biomateriales y tintes naturales

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an ice cream on a stick with some dirt
| A N O M A L I E N | 2 0 0 9 |
a hand holding up a square piece of soap with flowers on it and water in the middle
Zeke Berman: Thoughts and Pictures at an Exhibition | Professional Women Photographers Blog
green and white art work with lots of water droplets on the leaves in front of it
Esculturas bio-digitales como formas futuras de inteligencia espacial por ecoLogicStudio
an art piece made out of woven material with plants growing on top of the fabric
Seed fabric and compostable textiles: MA Textile Design graduate Apurva Srihari
a stone bench that has some plants growing out of it's sides and on the ground
To Grow a Building Uses Local Soil + Roots as Building Materials
four different types of rocks stacked on top of each other with moss growing all over them
students turn algae into a building material for eco village concept in china
a man standing next to a white box with holes in it's side and another person reaching for something on the other side
Wood, Salt, and Wonder: The Renewable Future of 3D Printing
many different shapes and sizes of chocolates are arranged on a white surface with wooden pegs
From a mushroom wall to a bank of materials, eight highlights from Jerusalem Design Week 2017
Eight highlights from Jerusalem Design Week 2017
several different types of tile laid out on top of each other
Bio-Fabrication with Mycelium and Kelp
Bio-Fabrication with Mycelium and Kelp
several different colored rocks and stones on a wooden table with one in the middle surrounded by them
Entrevista: La recolectora de pigmentos que ha creado un archivo de ocres de todo el mundo
Recolectora de pigmentos crea un archivo de ocres de todo el mundo
there are many different types of food on the table, and one is made out of cardboard
Omayra Maymó turns beer waste into totem-style pedestal for Heineken