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Historical Drawings Curated by Ginkgostory

A great collection of historical drawings, most of the pin are about ancient military.
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Hundreds Years War 百年战争

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"Romans pay off British spy, northern England, 1st century AD" ~ Angus McBride
Visit the post for more.

Angus McBride's Illustrations

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Blog di attualità, storia, letteratura ed estetica. Le immagini, le citazioni o altri contenuti del blog che facciano riferimento ad opere artistiche, culturali o letterarie sono intesi come divulgazione scientifica. Qualora tuttavia risultassero sgraditi, il titolare me lo comunichi e provvederò immediatamente alla loro completa rimozione.

Warriors of The Antiquity Age

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A Senones chieftain c. 300 BC.  The Senones were the most aggressive of the Celtic tribes who invaded Northern Italy.and played the leading role in the destruction of the Roman army at the battle of Alia in 390 BC.
La Pintura y la Guerra. Sursumkorda in memoriam.

Bronze Age Warriors

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Reconstruction of the Burg Rappenstein in Switzerland by Joe Rohrer - #Burg #fantasy #Joe #Rappenstein #Reconstruction #Rohrer #Switzerland
Reconstruction of the Burg Frauenberg near  Ruschein by Joe Rohrer
Siege 2

Ancient Fortifications

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The Visigoths preparing the charge at the Battle of the Catalaunian Fields AD 451. Rome's last great battle

Cavalry of The Antiquity Age

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" Britanos contra romanos, durante la conquista de Britani… | Flickr
- The Library - - Page 24
- The Library - - Page 24

Epic Battlescene Drawings

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Roman Period Military Drawings

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Hu Qi 虎骑 (Tiger Cavalry) The elite heavy cavalry unit in Cao Cao's elite cavalry corp, the strongest troop of the Wei kingdom. They helped Cao Cao to won many major battle. Most commander of this unit are exclusively reserved for Cao Cao's direct family members. The rider and horse are covered with armor, and fight with a long spear. Only Ma Chao's Xi Liang heavy cavalry are able to rival this unit. 虎骑 魏军最精锐的重骑兵部队,曹操手中一支似乎百战不殆的王牌军。战马与骑士均披重甲,以马槊为主要兵器。
Bao Qi 豹骑 (Leopard Cavalry) The light cavalry unit in the Cao Cao's elite cavalry corp, specialized in recon and pursuing mission. Rider and horse are equipped with leather armor to reduce weight. They are known for their speed and long distance pursuing. In 208 A.D. Cao Cao sent this troop to attack retreating army of Liu Bei, they dash a few hundred kilometers in one day and catch up with Liu Bei at Dang Yang by surprise. 豹骑 魏军的轻骑精兵,与虎骑合称虎豹骑。豹骑以机动力见称,长坂坡之战中连夜奔行百里,在当阳追上并袭击刘备军

Oriental Military Historical Drawings

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What's the Mystery about the Pyramids of Giza ? | Astromic's Backyard
Falangita macedonio despidiéndose de la familia (que no parece muy compungida...) para ir a la guerra. Radu Oltean para Desperta Ferro. Más en www.elgrancapitan.org/foro

Ancient Civilization Drawings

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Bronze age - plate armour
E_130_C – The Lost Treasure Chest

Ancient Military Historical Drawings

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Medieval Hungarian Army. Azat KUZHIN for Orhun Toys – 10 photos | VK
Medieval Hungarian Army. Azat KUZHIN for Orhun Toys – 10 photos | VK

Medieval Military Historical Drawings

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[Warband][B] The Aztecs (Warband 1.143) (Suspended)
Peter Dennis - Guerreros aztecas contra tlaxcaltecas.

Mesoamerican Historical Drawings

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Angus Mcbride Unfortunately this is the end of my collection as of now of Angus Mcbride, but if I get more images I will do updates with those as well in the future. Well I guess its on to other ar…
"Celtiberian warriors with Roman prisoner, late 2nd century BC", Angus McBride
Johnny Shumate “Johnny Shumate works as a freelance illustrator living in Nashville, Tennessee. He began his career in 1987 after graduating from Austin Peay State University.” You can …

Western Military Historical Drawings

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Female Armor, Catholic Gifts, Catholic Art, Vintage Posters, Vintage Art, Virgin Mary
St. Joan of Arc in Armor Antique French Catholic Holy Prayer Card, Catholic Gift
Catholic Saints, Religious Art
"Dreamers can't be tamed"
Saint Philomena, Medieval Clothes, Sacred Architecture, Historical Women, Dark Ages
Walmart.com | Save Money. Live Better
Charles Viii, King Charles, Roi Charles, Reims
Fantasy Artwork, Fantasy Character Art, Fantasy Characters, Heroic Fantasy, Medieval Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Inspiration, Painting Inspiration, Character Inspiration
When You Order A Sword Off The Internet And It's The Wrong Size
Medieval Art, Character Art
Giovanna d’Arco ed il falò dell’apparenza - Tu(t)ti libri, io mi libro
Patron Saints, Roman Catholic
Microsoft Outlook Personal Email and Calendar | Microsoft 365
Toy Soldiers Art, Knight Models, Yggdrasil Tree, Late Middle Ages, Wars Of The Roses
Joan of Arc with Her Banner Horseback - Virtual Museum of Historical Miniatures
Building A Fantasy Army Part 2: Soldiers - Dan Koboldt
Building A Fantasy Army Part 2: Soldiers - Dan Koboldt
Medieval Ages, Medieval World, Medieval Period, Medieval Knight, Medieval Armor, Medieval Helmets
Armadura Medieval, Landsknecht
European History, Art History, Historical Art
0 | PDF
Century Armor, Knight Art, Moyen Age
La Pintura y la Guerra - Página 894
Early Middle Ages
Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History
Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History
Medieval Weapons, Medieval Drawings, Crusader Knight, Ritter Sport
Giclée Print
La Pintura y la Guerra - Página 853
La Pintura y la Guerra - Página 853
Historical Artwork, Historical Artifacts
La Pintura y la Guerra - Página 1103
History Trivia -  Battle of Poitiers -  Edward, the Black Prince captures the French king, John II.
History Trivia - Battle of Poitiers - Edward, the Black Prince captures the French king, John II.
Medieval Combat, Chateau Fort Moyen Age, English Knights
Armour and Armour Accessories
Medieval Garb, Knights Hospitaller, High Middle Ages
Gewandung Mittelalter
Renaissance Knight
Text Lead
Medieval Knight Armor, Fantasy Armor, Arm Armor
Parts of armor - Ethnographic Arms & Armour
Armor Drawing, Ancient Armor, Empire Romain